The Complete Telecaster

1/6 Guitars and lovelllly dolls.
The Chapran

Chapran is a garage maker which is producing 1/6 size guitars and basses.
Actually they are not doing business. According to Mr.Ocyan in Chapran,
making mini-guitars is just one of his hobby. 
Why 1/6 ? You know, the size 1/6 has very special meaning. It is the size of
the Barbie dolls and many other dolls. Chapran is producing their original dolls too!

Here is a 52 Telecaster which I'd asked them to make one for me.
The body and neck is made by actual wood, not plastic.
(Incidentally, the doll here is Ellie, the one which I asked my daughter to buy
it for me. Having a daughter is very useful)

Although only in Japanese language, you can take a look at their other works
at this address.

Chapran Koubou

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