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KISEKAE Virtual Image Modeler - Official Site
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  There are two kinds of the  KISEKAE System

Virtual Guitar --> REAL Guitar!!

ORDER your dream guitar with the new KISEKAE VIM Pro system.
Finally, you can transform your virtual guitar image into one of a kind REAL guitar!

What is KISEKAE VIM Pro?

Some completed projects


Just for fun.

A fun tool which  you can tryout different parts for your unique custom guitar projects.

Kisekae VIM Pro System
Create your dream guitar, then get the real guitar!

What is KISEKAE VIM Pro?
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Some completed projects

YSW ST (Start from $360)

What's New



Kisekae VIM System 
The Kisekae guitars below are just toys.
Unlike Kisekae VIM Pro system above, you can NOT make an order 
for these guitars. 

FAQ / TIPS / HOW TOs         

KISEKAE Materials 


Fender Stratocaster (Version 9)

What's New

Fender Telecaster (Version 9)

What's New

Fender Precision Bass (Version 9)

What's New

Gibson ES335 (Version 9)

What's New

Gibson LesPaul (Version 9)

What's New

Older versions

Known issue with these older system :
If it failed to start a system during the initial load, try reloading the system.

Fender Telecaster (Kisekae Version 8)

Fender Strat (Kisekae Version 8)

Gibson Les Paul
(Kisekae Version 8)

Gibson SG (Kisekae Version 8)

Bailey Guitars B1(Kisekae Version 7)

Ibanez JEM (Kisekae Version 6.5)

Ibanez RG (Kisekae Version 6.5)

Jackson Soloist (Kisekae Version 6.5)

Jackson RR (Kisekae Version 6.5)

USACG S (Kisekae Version 6.5)

USACG T (Kisekae Version 6.5)

USACG Wolfpack (Kisekae Version 6.4)

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